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Thursday, January 18, 2018

Day 4

When I take my photos late at night, you get .... interesting... ones. Today is light and the view out our front door. Here is the view at 9:45 at night. Not very light. When we have a full moon you can see quite a lot. Over the holiday break we painted our master bedroom and upstairs hallway. The hallway and three of our walls were an orangey tan, and one master bedroom wall was, well, the color of poop. I have struggled with that wall since we moved in. So we went with our trusted favorite blue by Behr paint: morning breeze. It felt like we brought the outside in. It feels like a sunny day. But other things mean light to me too. For one, the Temple. I love the temple and the light I gain for my soul when I go. I saw this picture in Deseret Book the other day and snapped a photo. It is light. I also like light colored things. These sweet little shoes made me smile and think of my rainbowed childhood. I may or may not have purchased them for a little girl I hope will be in my future.