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Saturday, April 7, 2018


What's better than a comfy t-shirt? Nothing! Unless that comfy t-shirt happens to help a friend. We just launched the "Lucky Little Panda Shop"! We have these super cute shirts!

My very talented cousin Hannah designed these shirts for us. I am so lucky! I can't wait to have one of each for myself.

Aren't they cute!!!

Our shop is here. Come around and shop. Then share!! Each t-shirt gets us $10 closer to our adoption.

Wednesday, February 21, 2018

A piece of our puzzle

Many people ask "How is the adoption coming along?" The real answer is it is not a process. The application is a process, and we are approved. He have a valid home-study and we are ready to adopt. There will be lots of waiting and then

Something will happen. That's the way it was for our little Panda. One day we were childless, the next day we were parents. It was wonderful!!

We have been just personally sharing and asking friends to look out for us and keep us in their prayers. This week we took another step. We are working with an agency. Children's Service Society of Utah has many expectant women considering adoption and, after praying, we feel this is a good move for us. However, agency adoptions are more expensive than private. 

This is where you all come in. So many people have expressed a desire to be of some help. Now you can!

For a donation of $20 we will put your name on a beautiful walnut puzzle my brother is cutting for us! (It will be bigger than this - 324 pieces or more if people donate more!)

When you "buy" your piece your name will be hand lettered by my talented sister and this puzzle will be framed and hung in our home. We will always have the reminder of the amazing friends who have helped us. 

Your reward? A happy conscience. And possibly a Lifetime table and chairs!!
For each person who donates you will be entered into a raffle to win this:

Or this:

Each valued at $200 or more! (I know a guy.)

*The raffle entries are for local pick up only. We cannot ship to you, but you are welcome to come visit us. 
*Each person gets only one entry, regardless of how many puzzle pieces you buy. This also means if you buy all 324 pieces, you are guaranteed to win one of them. Because your name will be the only one in the raffle.
*One person cannot win both. Each person is limited to one prize. But we can hook you up if you'd like to buy one of these sets for yourself.

One more thing I need from you: Share the life out of this post!! Share! Share! Share!

Love and prayers and puzzles are going to get us there, I just know it!  

To donate, simply click on the "Donate" button at the top of the right column. Or Here!

Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Peanut butter world ice cream is back

Grey/favorite dessert. These grey ballet flats are my go to for church these days. They are comfy and dressy. Favorite dessert: this. Remember when I was watching Grantchester and eating this stuff? Yeah, still love those two things. 

Icy... or not.

Icy/animal at the zoo. Icy is not our winter this year. Today, in mid February, we took a walk with no jacket. I like it, but I sure would love more moisture. When you live in a desert the water is super needed. Zoo animal? Elephants! When we lived in China we took a trip to Thailand and I bought a painting from Charlie, for which he gave me a kiss. Daniel has a special love for pandas and I have a special love of elephants.

(I'll try to post the videos of our walk another time.)


 Brown/nickname. Brown is what my kitchen has been. All the cupboard doors and drawer fronts are in my garage half way through the process of getting painted. I am nervous and excited. They are going to be white. My goal this week will be to prep the inside parts prepped for painting. Nickname: neither Daniel nor I have a nickname really. But our son? You all know him as Panda. Our son was given that nickname because of how much we love pandas. I call him hat on social media in order to give him some privacy and allow him some anonymity. When he is older and learns to understand how public social media is, he can decide for himself how much of himself he wants to share. I am his biggest and most ardent defender and I feel protecting him is right for him. 


Deal breakers. I like genuine people. I like honest people. I like people who follow through and do what they say. When it comes to birth mothers I know these are some of their fears. Daniel and I are aware of this. Although Panda’s birthmom has chosen to remain distant to us, I honor what I told her. I want her to know her trust was not misplaced. And unfortunately, in adoption, agency costs can be deal breakers. But I know that good agencies exist and those costs are to help birth mothers in the ways they truly need. 


Juicy/favorite sound. Crab. I looooooooove kind crab legs in clarified butter. I went with Kristy out for a celebratory lunch today and loved my crab! Favorite sound: rain. I love a rain storm. Hearing the water hit roofs, especially metal roofs, is so relaxing for me.