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Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Getting to know us

We are participating in a 60 day challenge that also involves giveaways by some awesome people, like Charmed Collections, One More Loved and may others that includes gift cards to Target, Amazon, as well as many other exciting things! The purpose is to help adoptive couples spread their hope to adopt and increase their exposure. By following this challenge you will get to know more about us.

Adoption is hard. For every side. It is very important to us that when expectant parents are looking for potential families to place their baby with, that they know us as best as possible. It is also very important that we find a compatible relationship. Dear expectant parents, whoever you are, by your placing with us we are entering a lifelong relationship of love for a child. We want to be the best of friends and in order to help you and us, we are participating in this challenge. The hashtag to look up is #hopingtoadopt60days. You will be able to find us (@toadybear42) and many other families. It is so important you find the right family for your child and you.

If any of you want to know more birth moms and about their lives, please go on instagram and follow #reallifebirthmoms to meet and get to know some amazing women and how adoption fits into their lives.

This is such an amazing time right now and I hope that it is insightful and instructive for everyone involved in the adoption world.