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Friday, April 26, 2013

Daniel Chimes in for Friday Favorites

So it is my turn for doing a Friday Favorite. The way it was explained to me is I need to give a list of five things I'm thankful for this week

1. Ethinic food. This week I ate Chinese, Mexican, and Indian food. The differences in the foods make them all better. It also helps me to appericate traditional American food.

2. My dogs. Even though they are a 7:20 am alarm every morning. They are happy to see me all the time and help me to be happy each day.

3. Doctor Who. One of the most entertain TV shows of all time. The new season just started in the UK and it is great.

4. Sunshine. It has been a bit of a long winter with moving back from China and still going back multiple times.

5. Mowing the lawn. Yeah I know this is weird. This is a Zen thing for me. It is a simple tasks that allows me to clear my mind and accomplish a task. There is a lot of satisfaction in completely a task.

That is my Friday Favorite.

Sunday, April 21, 2013

Friday Favorites

Forgive me for posting late this week. Friday was a special day. My dad taught at the University of Utah and about the time he passed away there was a scholarship endowment anonymously set up in his name. On Friday they gave the scholarship out for this coming school and they invited us to be there. It was nice to see my dad's coworkers and catch up with them. The young man who got the scholarship is finishing up his Doctorate.

So on this week's things that make me smile.

1.  My dad. I miss him terribly, but he left behind a legacy that continues to bless us. I'm grateful to have had a good father to teach me all that he did and to influence those around him as much as he did. Being in higher education, he had impact on so many. He was a good  man.

2. My husband. This week I turned 30! (Ack!) He took me to do iFly and then to a nice dinner. He treats me well and I'm grateful for his love and support.

3. Tulips. The tulips are up everywhere. Tulips are the reason we got married in April. They just make me so happy.

4. The mountains. Our mountains here on the Wasatch Front are inspiring. The are majestic. I love them in the evening sun, especially when they get the pink hue in the winter.

5. Friends. We've been able to spend some good quality time with friends through this last week and it has been good. We support each other and we know we can count on each other. Good friends can make a world of difference in you life. I'm glad I have such good ones.

What's making you smile this week?


Friday, April 12, 2013

Friday favorites

Hmm. Today I am in a great mood! Aren't those kind of days just wonderful? The sun is shining. I'm hanging out with friends tonight. My flowers are in bloom. It's a great day.

Today's list:

1. Dirt. Yup. I love dirt. Because in America, you can own it. In China the government owns all the land. You can lease it. Like you can own your apartment, but the building owner has leased the land from the government for 99 years. Then I don't know what happens. Crazy. In America you can buy your land. I love it. A yard, a garden, your grass, your house. We put together a garden space and last week we filled it with dirt. This weekend the goal is to get some seeds in the ground. In our ground.

2.  Puppies! I love my puppies. Sometimes they try my patience, as everything in life does from time to time, but they are always glad to see us. They love to cuddle. They love attention and are grateful for every moment the get. They say having dogs can improve your health.

3. Family. Both our families. Daniel and I come from great families. Siblings who get along, set good examples and help each out when needed. With conference last weekend we got to spend more time with Daniel's siblings. Next weekend is our monthly dinner with my family. I'm glad they live close, that we live close to them and that we have time to spend with each other. Being around people is good for you. Especially good people.

4. My maternal grandma. Yesterday she gave me a card for my upcoming birthday that was just what I needed to hear. She is great. She spends a long time carefully considering everything a card conveys and has boxes of them saved for specific times for specific people. So when I read that card, I knew that she meant it. Sincerity is wonderful and I'm grateful for grandparents that sincerely love me.

5. A comfy chair. I spend a lot of time sitting at work. It's not a great chair, but it's comfortable. Makes it easier on me when I spend 6 hours sitting to have somewhere nice to sit.

What is making you smile today?


Friday, April 5, 2013

Friday Favorites

Before we moved to China I did a weekly post of "Attitude of Gratitude." This is the resumption and that with a little change to include things that just make me happy.

Today, April 5, 2013 -

1. Vegetables. I am grateful for vegetables and they just make me happy. I had a handful of sugar snap peas at lunch and enjoyed every bite.

2. Employment. I am grateful I get to work. And I'm especially grateful that I like my job. I work for good people doing honest work and I get to participate. It's wonderful.

3. I am grateful for Daniel's job. They appreciate him. Things are hard right now with a big project hitting a critical moment. But he works with good people, for a good company and his hard work has recently been kind noted and appreciated.

4. Sunshine. I love sunshine and what it does for me. My dogs are happier, I am happier and it makes vegetables (see #1!) grow. Yay.

5. My sister. My baby sister is getting married in 4 1/2 weeks. I am so excited for her. She is marrying a wonderful guy that we all just love. They are getting married in the Salt Lake Temple in May. I have been privileged to be her older sister. What a great gal she is. I even get to help with wedding stuff. I wish her the best.

Those are things to smile about today. What do you have that you can smile about?