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Sunday, April 21, 2013

Friday Favorites

Forgive me for posting late this week. Friday was a special day. My dad taught at the University of Utah and about the time he passed away there was a scholarship endowment anonymously set up in his name. On Friday they gave the scholarship out for this coming school and they invited us to be there. It was nice to see my dad's coworkers and catch up with them. The young man who got the scholarship is finishing up his Doctorate.

So on this week's things that make me smile.

1.  My dad. I miss him terribly, but he left behind a legacy that continues to bless us. I'm grateful to have had a good father to teach me all that he did and to influence those around him as much as he did. Being in higher education, he had impact on so many. He was a good  man.

2. My husband. This week I turned 30! (Ack!) He took me to do iFly and then to a nice dinner. He treats me well and I'm grateful for his love and support.

3. Tulips. The tulips are up everywhere. Tulips are the reason we got married in April. They just make me so happy.

4. The mountains. Our mountains here on the Wasatch Front are inspiring. The are majestic. I love them in the evening sun, especially when they get the pink hue in the winter.

5. Friends. We've been able to spend some good quality time with friends through this last week and it has been good. We support each other and we know we can count on each other. Good friends can make a world of difference in you life. I'm glad I have such good ones.

What's making you smile this week?