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Friday, April 12, 2013

Friday favorites

Hmm. Today I am in a great mood! Aren't those kind of days just wonderful? The sun is shining. I'm hanging out with friends tonight. My flowers are in bloom. It's a great day.

Today's list:

1. Dirt. Yup. I love dirt. Because in America, you can own it. In China the government owns all the land. You can lease it. Like you can own your apartment, but the building owner has leased the land from the government for 99 years. Then I don't know what happens. Crazy. In America you can buy your land. I love it. A yard, a garden, your grass, your house. We put together a garden space and last week we filled it with dirt. This weekend the goal is to get some seeds in the ground. In our ground.

2.  Puppies! I love my puppies. Sometimes they try my patience, as everything in life does from time to time, but they are always glad to see us. They love to cuddle. They love attention and are grateful for every moment the get. They say having dogs can improve your health.

3. Family. Both our families. Daniel and I come from great families. Siblings who get along, set good examples and help each out when needed. With conference last weekend we got to spend more time with Daniel's siblings. Next weekend is our monthly dinner with my family. I'm glad they live close, that we live close to them and that we have time to spend with each other. Being around people is good for you. Especially good people.

4. My maternal grandma. Yesterday she gave me a card for my upcoming birthday that was just what I needed to hear. She is great. She spends a long time carefully considering everything a card conveys and has boxes of them saved for specific times for specific people. So when I read that card, I knew that she meant it. Sincerity is wonderful and I'm grateful for grandparents that sincerely love me.

5. A comfy chair. I spend a lot of time sitting at work. It's not a great chair, but it's comfortable. Makes it easier on me when I spend 6 hours sitting to have somewhere nice to sit.

What is making you smile today?