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Thursday, June 29, 2017

Maybe I'll set a goal to post once a month!

Apparently I'm not super great at this regular posting thing. Here are a few of the things we've been up to over the last month.

 Helping with dishes. Panda is all about helping these days. Whether or not is actually helpful is a different matter!

Last month our home teacher came by with a mini-ex and tore out the stumps to some trees we had cut down last fall. Panda loved helping and riding. 


We have enjoyed the space this frees up, but we still have lots of work to do to get it to where we want it. 

Mother's Day was great. Nursery did these little hand prints for the moms. I love it. Such a sweet thing for the memory box.
And Daniel won with this print. I have loved and followed this artist for a while and he ordered me a large print of the Cinderella and Alice was thrown in as a bonus! I can't wait to frame it for my craft room. 

My library looks like something exploded, so I decided to re-organize and de-clutter. It was quite the project. I am mostly done now and just have the children's books to go through. 

 At the graduation party of one our Sunset neighbors. 

Then we went for a really big adventure and did Yellowstone for 3 days with Daniel's Sister April and her family. Panda did pretty well in the car and watched "The Little Mermaid" about 20 times.

 He was obsessed with taking pictures.But he dropped the camera, so he only got about 10. He dropped it again and now it works again. Lovely. 
 Old Faithful
 Riding in the pack with Dad while snuggling his new Buffalo, Frank.
 Looking out the window.
 We finally decided to let him walk a bit on his own. You just can't trust runners at Yellowstone!
Trying to keep the little boy out of the fire. 

 We went up to the Mantua poppies with Grandma Nedra and Papa Brent.
 He sure loves his grandparents.
 Another adventure day down in Salt Lake. We rode Trax and this boy was so excited to ride a real train!
 The boys running around Temple Square. I'm so glad they are buddies.

For Father's Day. 
I gave in. 
Daniel got a puppy.
 Her name is Maggie. She is a Lab/Llewellyn Setter mix.
 We are in love and are enjoying the puppy energy.
 Family play date. He and cousin Kinley had a blast and did really well together.
 My sister and two cousins all have baby boys this spring. James born May 17, Liam born April 8, and Peter (my sister's boy) born February 26.
 Playing in the buckets!

Our most recent adventure with Ryan was the aquarium.
 Looking at the Jellyfish. 

Feeding the sharks! We got a one year membership to this aquarium, so we can go lots!

Then we have to keep up with distant family. We try to skype Great Grandma Arave in Virginia once a month. He sure has lots to say to her when we do. I love technology. 

We are headed up to Bear Lake with my family next week, so we'll have stuff to post when we get home. Summer is so fun with a toddler!