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Open Adoption

As we have talked to our many friends and family about adoption we find we have to explain open adoption, how much openness we would be willing to work with, and how it works.

We know open adoption is very important. Our son has an open adoption of sorts. Ashley sent a letter and a book of pictures to his birth mom every month for the first year, and now sends a packet with pictures and a letter every 3-4 months. Panda's birth mom lives a few states away so we send these through our agency. I would love to get things back from her. We have gotten one letter, but I hope and pray for more. I know she is in a hard place and so I continue to send her love and pray for her. She knows she is welcome to contact us.

We believe it is very important for Panda to know his roots and to connect with them. I want his birth-mom to be accessible for questions, for support, and for comfort if he ever wonders why he was placed. We know he was placed with us by choice and out of love. His birth-mom has written as much to him and told us at the hospital. I am teaching him to pray for her. I hope he grows up knowing he is loved by so many.

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