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Wednesday, January 24, 2018


Red/favorite fast food. Need I say more? Lemonade, nuggets, Chick-fil-A sauce, and chocolate chip cookies. 🤤

Screaming goats?

Greasy/Makes me laugh. I hate grease. My stove top is a disaster because I hate cleaning up the grease. I generally make Daniel do it. He also does the majority of the stove top cooking. I like cold food and salads. And water. As far as things that make me laugh- the videos of goats screaming like humans send me into giggles until I cry. I get my “super funny things” giggle from my dad. He used to laugh until he wheezed and had tears running down his face. This is what happens to me with the screaming goats and few other things. However, a new funny is Panda with his trampoline. He put a chair in front of it so I can watch him. Today he did a whole “monkeys jumping on the bed” routine and ended like this. All I could think of is Molly Shannon posing in Superstar. Turning three has opened up his imagination in so many ways. It’s wonderful. 


Happy/favorite breakfast. Happy is this boy getting ready for his birthday party. He’s been so excited all weekend. And it turned out to be so fun. 3 yr olds are pretty easy to please. He got a V-tech airport, some jackets, and a mini trampoline from us. Gma Arave gave him some really fun automobox cars and a cowboy hat. Gma Holly gave him a bulldozer and he’s been bull dozing things all evening. He still has a few gifts yet to come. I’m glad you’re happy little panda. Favorite breakfast: I love cereal. Especially Lucky Charms, Frosted Mini-Wheats, and Life. Daniel loves a traditional diner breakfast. Pa da loves “milkentoast” also know as milk and toast. But he also loves lucky charms. I allowed him to have them for breakfast this morning. A rare treat.

Circles and Disney

Circle/Favorite vacation. These three cakes stacked just right create a checkered cake. Panda turns 3 tomorrow and we are doing a Mickey and the Roadster Racers birthday party. As far as my favorite vacation, I’ve had some doozies. I’ve been to Europe a couple times, Thailand, Cambodia, Tokyo for the Cherry blossoms, as well as living in China. Last time I did this challenge I posted about our Disney Cruise. But now I can say our trip to Disneyland when Panda was 9 months old was so cute and so much fun. We are planning to go again late this fall and I am stoked. He will be almost 4 and such a fun age for the Magic that is Disneyland.

Hot mess?

Today: Hot/Favorite game. Hot? Me. Mess. Hot flashes and hot temperatures are the worst. I struggle in summer with the heat. We keep our house a little cool because we all run a little warm. Favorite game: in general we just like games. Recently we have really liked playing Munchkin (think Big Bang Theory nerd game) and Tripoley, a fun three step card game. Panda loves to do puzzles and is just learning about the world of games. He also likes to play match these days. For Christmas we all got nerf guns as stocking stuffers and we can’t wait for warmer weather so we can play outside! Games are great because they bring people together.

Pink! and Home Cooked Meals

Today’s prompts are pink and home cooked meal. All I can say about pink is that I hope there is a lot of it in my future. 💞💓💖💗💜💖💗💓💞💝. As far as home cooked meal: all of these are home cooked. In the nearly 11 years we’ve been married we have learned more about what foods we prefer and how to cook them. I simply love flavor. So any home cooked meal with good flavor is appreciated. And thank goodness my husband can cook so well. The first is a Swiss cheese kielbasa rye toast. A snack I picked up from my dad. Then salmon with caprese salad (I did that), Greek chicken, pilaf, and tiropita (I did that too), an Indian butter chicken by Daniel, a shrimp ceviche with shrimp fajitas (by Daniel), and chicken street tacos (by me). All so very delicious. But don’t be fooled. Sometimes we have cereal for dinner too. 

Happy 3rd Birthday my little Panda!

We love you so much.
You are a sweet snuggler.

 The apply of your daddy's eye.
 So full of imagination.
 You love trucks.
 And Mickey Mouse.
 Pandas are your favorite sleeping companions.
 Especially "Panny," the little one.
You love to race and run super fast. 

You have so much personality and love for life. You bring joy to our home and spark to our lives. 

We couldn't love you more.


Today’s is Shiny/favorite place in our town. As far as shiny goes, can anyone hear that word and not think about the song from Moana? I can’t. I can’t even think of what else to associate with it. I don’t actually like shiny things. But do like pretty things. Sometimes they are the same. As far as favorite places in our town, they both have to do with food. The first: Cafe Sabor. It’s in the old train depot in Layton. Such delicious food. I love these southwest egg rolls, but my absolute favorite is the shrimp ceviche. 🤤 The other place is Grannie Annie’s diner in Kaysville. Just good food. I love the french toast “Mason’s” breakfast. 

Friday, January 19, 2018

Lovely and Biggest fear

Today’s is lovely/biggest fear. Lovely brings to mind many things. Some of these are screen shots from Instagram accounts I follow. If something is not lovely, I remove it from my feed. I do love to quilt. I LOVE my new Minnie Mouse purse. I love bright flowers. Nature is lovely. My family is lovely. I am happy when lovely things are in my life. I can’t wait for the time when Panda (holding my cousin’s baby) can hold his own little sister. That will be lovely. As far as biggest fear, I am going to skip the death, spiders, and snakes, and go right to failure. I am scared of failing. I still try things. I have learned to redefine failure and I am less harsh with myself. But what if I fail to teach my son what he needs to know? What if I fail to share everyday how much I love him? Those are my fears. But I am conquering them. (The photo bomb is from my cousin’s wedding. Her son is the baby that Panda is holding. That was one of my more lovely moments. I was hungry. What can I say?)

Thursday, January 18, 2018

Thank goodness my best gift even given was not ugly

Today’s is ugly/best gift ever given. Ugly is just as much about what you choose to see as beauty is. There are ugly attitudes, ugly thoughts, and things displeasing to the eye, but when we truly desire beauty, ugly seems to disappear. As far as the best gift ever given? Pretty sure it’s the love and atoning sacrifice of my Savior, Jesus Christ. I am so grateful to be a #Mormon and know that my savior lives. I love these pictures of Christ. Especially the third one by Minerva Teichart. She was talented. The second best gift was given to us by a beautiful birth mom in Texas. Because of her choice we are a family. We have a son who is wonderful, beautiful, and the apple of our eye. As well as frustrating, button pushing, and a sassy pants. He is so clever and he knows it. He lightens people around him making friends with all he meets. He is the cutest little extrovert and plays it up. In short, he is a JOY! The next greatest gift is one we are hoping to be given yet again, and that is the gift of a baby sister for Panda and a daughter to complete our family.

 I love this one!!

Dark, talent (but not dark talent)

Today is dark/talent. Lest you misconstrue that, I do not have dark talents. Dark to me is something unwelcome. I don’t like dark colors very much, I don’t like dark thoughts, dark humor, dark entertainment or dark environments. Darkness is something not generally welcome in my life. And exercise has helped me more than anything lately to bring light and energy to my life. Class this morning was packed full. It felt good. As far as talents go, it is hard to toot your own horn. Daniel’s talent is people skills. He can get along with anyone. He works well with others and is good at people management a work. He is working on building a new talent, which I wholeheartedly support. He is getting into building things for our home and woodwork. I feel talents of creation are good for us. We can feel accomplished when we create and complete something. Sewing and the piano are two of my talents. Music is wonderful for the spirit and creating works of art, whether with paint or fabric, is fulfilling. The last picture is the “darkness” 😂 I expelled from our bedroom. The blue is much better.