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Thursday, January 18, 2018

More of December

My attempts at slowing down our December mostly worked. I wasn't stressed and I really enjoyed our time with family.

 Peter and Panda with their sort of matching pj's. Peter hates his clothes changed, so we didn't push him by messing with his shirt.
 The lights at Layton City Park. They were pretty awesome. We went right as it got dark and it was great. No people, still a decent temperature, and then we went to dinner.
 Peter's finished Christmas quilt that I made.
 Christmas movies in a box. Little kids are funny.
 A lunch at my grandparents with Aunt Sally, Caitlin, Raygan with Genevieve, and Peter and Kinley.
Someone made a mess of my dominoes in my Christmas tree. HE learned about cleaning up when you make a mess.

 Opening presents.
 Peter was pretty excited about his new bear.
 Panda was stoked for his new Tonka Dump Truck
 Christmas time can tucker out any kid. This particular time was a morning nap.
 Cute matching boys again.
 Look at those smiles! One genuine, one forced.
 How cute are these two boys!
Peter is almost as big as Panda! And he's only 10 months!

I am so excited for Caitlin and Ben and Peter to move to Utah this summer!