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Thursday, January 18, 2018

Cute and siblings

Today’s post(s) are Cute (pt 1) and Siblings (next post). Cute is our little panda. A few weeks ago we had a super busy morning with friends over and other adventures involved (dog vomit, vacuum, salt dough, whoah) and by 1:45 this guy was tired. I caught this on camera and had a hard time not laughing. Right afterwards I put him in bed for a good solid nap. Panda has been my buddy since he arrived in our family. He helps me put things together, like his bed, and spends lots of the time in the car with me. He’s been to Maine, Massachusetts, Virginia, and Canada with me, as well as family trips to Yellowstone, Disneyland, and Bear Lake. He’s a trooper. And super cute.



Part 2: Siblings. Daniel and I both have medium size families and love our siblings. My siblings at our wedding (11 yrs ago! 🤔) My brother @custom_taylor is an amazing outdoorsman who has a company making custom high quality canyoneering gear. @cam_arave is an outdoors man as well, but he also channels his inner businessman. My sister @cmmarcheschi and her husband have a little boy who will turn 1 next month. I love my siblings. They mean so much to me. @colonialpanda is number 4 of 5 kids. Each of his older sisters has set an amazing example of good parenting and spending time as a family. @lorimerheather majored in home-ec and runs her thrive food business from home. @aprilbyoga is the oldest and a yogi master. Crystal is a wonderful mother to her 5 children and very good at encouraging them and putting them first. His younger brother Eric is the favorite uncle, as he is single and uses his resources to give GREAT Christmas presents. Family is everything to us. Siblings are the only ones who understand what growing up with your parents was like. They share so much with you. We want Panda to have a sister to, hopefully, become his best friend, as our siblings are for us.