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Sunday, January 7, 2018


What a fun time of year! We had lots of fun. I tried to do a daily Christmas activity with Panda, and we succeeded some of the time. Here are a few of our favorites.

We decorated his own little tree with blue ornaments. He loved his little tree and played with it all season. The ornaments came off and on over 20 times.

One day our friends came over. This is Panda's best friend, who is also adopted. They've been friends since birth. This day we had pizza and watched a Christmas movie.
We did coloring pages. We have a love/hate relationship with crayons. He loves to scrape his thumbnail on the ends. The dogs love to eat them. I hate the mess that ensues afterwards.

Cotton ball snowman! Panda's favorite part was the glue. This boy loves glue! especially squeezing it out of the bottle.

Thank goodness for washable paint. We did a hand print Christmas tree. We ended up with more of an abstract tree than anything else. But we had fun, which is the important part, right?
Pine cone Christmas trees. I cleaned up a lot of green paint.

I was playing the piano one day and Panda wanted to play too. Years ago I got a book for pre-reading piano lessons. We talked about the fingers and their numbers. He loves music.
Snowman pancakes with chocolate chips and marshmallows. Sugar is his favorite food group.
Christmas cookie cutters for our sandwiches. He really enjoyed cutting them out.
Shaped sandwiches taste better, right?

I'll post more December in a couple days. Right now I am enjoying the slower pace of January.