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Monday, July 8, 2013

A few days late...

I certainly enjoyed the holiday. You? I mostly spent it at home sewing and catching up on all sort of cathartic quilting - just the kind I needed. I spent lunch on the 4th with my grandparents - our weekly Thursday lunch.

1 - Thursday lunch! Every Thursday since I got home from China and once a week for the 3 years proceeding, I have spent one lunch at week at my mom's parents. They live close to my work and I sure enjoy it. I have gotten to know them so much better and our relationship has grown wonderfully. I'm grateful for them in my life and for all that they are and that they do.

2  - America. I have always known this is a great country and living outside of it for 19 months certainly added my appreciation. There were some trips that when we reached American soil it felt blessed. There certainly is something special about America.

3 - History. I got my Bachelor's degree in History. The things we can learn and understand about now can be immeasurably increased by our knowledge of what came before. History has always inspired me and it continues to do so.

4 - 56 men who pledged their life, their liberty and their property to securing the birth of this country. Each one of them suffered greatly in one way or another before they died, loosing either their life, their liberty, or the property as a result of signing the Declaration of Independence. I've had the privilege of seeing the original a couple of times and it truly is inspiring.

5 - My DVD player. I have watched lots of my favorites while sitting at my sewing machine. It has done my soul good!

What's making you smile this week?

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