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Friday, May 31, 2013

Friday Favorites

I apologize for not posting the last couple weeks. We've had super busy Fridays.

Things I'm grateful for this weeL

1. Good laughs. My morning started out with me being kind of ornery. Unfortunately. But right after I got to work, my cousin sent me this picture:
That's me looking ridiculous in the back. I look terrible, but it's pretty funny. I've been laughing to myself ever since. Yay for good laughs.

2. Broccoli. I love broccoli. I had some for lunch today and it tasted oh so yummy.

3. My China experience. I am grateful for that in so many ways, but today it's about the friends we made there. Tonight we are going to get sushi with the couple that spent 6 months with us there. I'm excited.

4. My friend Eryn. She's kinda super woman. She is due with her baby in two week. Her house is in the process of being sold. She has 3 kids at home. She is a full-time homemaker and mother. We got the chance to grab a bite last night while the husbands were kickin' it together and I'm just impressed with her. She sets a great example of loving her children and handling pressure with a grace and smile. Even when she's frustrated and very tired.

5. The color blue. I guess I should say, that I'm not color blind. But blue especially. It's one of my favorite colors. (Let's be honest, I just like color!). Have you heard of color aromatherapy and the idea that colors convey moods? Blue is my happy color. I bought 3 blue shirts last night. I'm happier and calmer in blue.

What's making you smile today?

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Tuesday, May 14, 2013

I am so behind!

This last week has been super busy! My cute little sister got married and Thursday was recuperation day and Friday was busy at work. Saturday I planted the garden and Sunday I took a nap!!

Five things:

1. The Temple. It was so wonderful to be in the temple with my mom and three siblings for my sister's wedding. I'm so grateful for the sealing power that makes families eternal. My sister and her husband (!) started a new little eternal family on Wednesday. It was wonderul.

2. Family. We have our family as well as my new brother-in-law's family help so much to get everything set up on Wednesday before the reception. I'm grateful for them all.

3. My husband. He was dragged along so many places and introduced to people he will probably never meet again. But he was kind and gracious. Even with a headache. Then he let me have my time to recoup.

4. In-laws. I have great in-laws. Daniel's parent and siblings are great. I've been able to spend time with them recently and I have enjoyed it. They are helpful, kind, and accepting.

5. Music. Music speaks to my soul. I've been listening to a lot of Mozart's music lately. The man was a genius. I'm grateful that talented composers have shared that talent and given the world such great music.

What's making you smile this week?

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Friday, May 3, 2013

Friday Favorites

Daniel asked me why, if we are listing things we are grateful for, is it called "Friday Favorites?" I would have to say it's because I'm often very grateful for my favorite things!

And, oh my, Friday's come quickly. Time seems to be racing away from me.

1. Bulbs. I am grateful for flowers in bulb form. They just come up with the time is right! A few years ago I planted bulbs to come up every month for 6 months. And I love it. My late spring and early summer bulbs are coming up now!

2. Cars. In China we had to bus, walk, or taxi. It was nice because I didn't have deal with the scary driving or the horrendous parking issues, but it's nice to have the freedom of your own vehicle. And listen to your own music.

3. Fridays. Some weeks just seem to last forever and Fridays are wonderful because I know that I get a whole weekend to be home, with my husband and my dogs. Outside in the sunshine or sleeping in till I feel like getting up.  Fridays are a precursor to adventure!

4. Short sleeve shirts. I have recently been avoiding long sleeves like the devil. And not just because of the sunshine. Sometimes having constrictive fabric on my arms make me crazy. Short sleeve shirts are wonderful. And the current styles/trends that allow and propagate the comfort of short sleeves.

5. My nieces and nephews. Last night I went to the Symphony with my 7 year old niece. We had a good time. On the way home we talked about family and she said "I wonder what your babies will look like." So we talked about how adoption means my baby could look like anything. Dark hair, light hair, fair skin or tan. It's a mystery until that baby arrives. I'm glad I got some one on one time with Hazel. She's been my buddy for a long time.

What is making you smile today?