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Friday, May 31, 2013

Friday Favorites

I apologize for not posting the last couple weeks. We've had super busy Fridays.

Things I'm grateful for this weeL

1. Good laughs. My morning started out with me being kind of ornery. Unfortunately. But right after I got to work, my cousin sent me this picture:
That's me looking ridiculous in the back. I look terrible, but it's pretty funny. I've been laughing to myself ever since. Yay for good laughs.

2. Broccoli. I love broccoli. I had some for lunch today and it tasted oh so yummy.

3. My China experience. I am grateful for that in so many ways, but today it's about the friends we made there. Tonight we are going to get sushi with the couple that spent 6 months with us there. I'm excited.

4. My friend Eryn. She's kinda super woman. She is due with her baby in two week. Her house is in the process of being sold. She has 3 kids at home. She is a full-time homemaker and mother. We got the chance to grab a bite last night while the husbands were kickin' it together and I'm just impressed with her. She sets a great example of loving her children and handling pressure with a grace and smile. Even when she's frustrated and very tired.

5. The color blue. I guess I should say, that I'm not color blind. But blue especially. It's one of my favorite colors. (Let's be honest, I just like color!). Have you heard of color aromatherapy and the idea that colors convey moods? Blue is my happy color. I bought 3 blue shirts last night. I'm happier and calmer in blue.

What's making you smile today?

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