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Thursday, January 18, 2018

Dark, talent (but not dark talent)

Today is dark/talent. Lest you misconstrue that, I do not have dark talents. Dark to me is something unwelcome. I don’t like dark colors very much, I don’t like dark thoughts, dark humor, dark entertainment or dark environments. Darkness is something not generally welcome in my life. And exercise has helped me more than anything lately to bring light and energy to my life. Class this morning was packed full. It felt good. As far as talents go, it is hard to toot your own horn. Daniel’s talent is people skills. He can get along with anyone. He works well with others and is good at people management a work. He is working on building a new talent, which I wholeheartedly support. He is getting into building things for our home and woodwork. I feel talents of creation are good for us. We can feel accomplished when we create and complete something. Sewing and the piano are two of my talents. Music is wonderful for the spirit and creating works of art, whether with paint or fabric, is fulfilling. The last picture is the “darkness” 😂 I expelled from our bedroom. The blue is much better.