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Friday, January 19, 2018

Lovely and Biggest fear

Today’s is lovely/biggest fear. Lovely brings to mind many things. Some of these are screen shots from Instagram accounts I follow. If something is not lovely, I remove it from my feed. I do love to quilt. I LOVE my new Minnie Mouse purse. I love bright flowers. Nature is lovely. My family is lovely. I am happy when lovely things are in my life. I can’t wait for the time when Panda (holding my cousin’s baby) can hold his own little sister. That will be lovely. As far as biggest fear, I am going to skip the death, spiders, and snakes, and go right to failure. I am scared of failing. I still try things. I have learned to redefine failure and I am less harsh with myself. But what if I fail to teach my son what he needs to know? What if I fail to share everyday how much I love him? Those are my fears. But I am conquering them. (The photo bomb is from my cousin’s wedding. Her son is the baby that Panda is holding. That was one of my more lovely moments. I was hungry. What can I say?)