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Thursday, January 18, 2018

Thank goodness my best gift even given was not ugly

Today’s is ugly/best gift ever given. Ugly is just as much about what you choose to see as beauty is. There are ugly attitudes, ugly thoughts, and things displeasing to the eye, but when we truly desire beauty, ugly seems to disappear. As far as the best gift ever given? Pretty sure it’s the love and atoning sacrifice of my Savior, Jesus Christ. I am so grateful to be a #Mormon and know that my savior lives. I love these pictures of Christ. Especially the third one by Minerva Teichart. She was talented. The second best gift was given to us by a beautiful birth mom in Texas. Because of her choice we are a family. We have a son who is wonderful, beautiful, and the apple of our eye. As well as frustrating, button pushing, and a sassy pants. He is so clever and he knows it. He lightens people around him making friends with all he meets. He is the cutest little extrovert and plays it up. In short, he is a JOY! The next greatest gift is one we are hoping to be given yet again, and that is the gift of a baby sister for Panda and a daughter to complete our family.

 I love this one!!