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Wednesday, January 24, 2018

Screaming goats?

Greasy/Makes me laugh. I hate grease. My stove top is a disaster because I hate cleaning up the grease. I generally make Daniel do it. He also does the majority of the stove top cooking. I like cold food and salads. And water. As far as things that make me laugh- the videos of goats screaming like humans send me into giggles until I cry. I get my “super funny things” giggle from my dad. He used to laugh until he wheezed and had tears running down his face. This is what happens to me with the screaming goats and few other things. However, a new funny is Panda with his trampoline. He put a chair in front of it so I can watch him. Today he did a whole “monkeys jumping on the bed” routine and ended like this. All I could think of is Molly Shannon posing in Superstar. Turning three has opened up his imagination in so many ways. It’s wonderful.