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Friday, April 26, 2013

Daniel Chimes in for Friday Favorites

So it is my turn for doing a Friday Favorite. The way it was explained to me is I need to give a list of five things I'm thankful for this week

1. Ethinic food. This week I ate Chinese, Mexican, and Indian food. The differences in the foods make them all better. It also helps me to appericate traditional American food.

2. My dogs. Even though they are a 7:20 am alarm every morning. They are happy to see me all the time and help me to be happy each day.

3. Doctor Who. One of the most entertain TV shows of all time. The new season just started in the UK and it is great.

4. Sunshine. It has been a bit of a long winter with moving back from China and still going back multiple times.

5. Mowing the lawn. Yeah I know this is weird. This is a Zen thing for me. It is a simple tasks that allows me to clear my mind and accomplish a task. There is a lot of satisfaction in completely a task.

That is my Friday Favorite.