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Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Tall and Best Friends

Today: tall/best friend. My husband is tall compared to me. I am 5’2” on a good day. He is 6’1”. Tall. And he is also my best friend in life. I feel it is important to be friends with your spouse. In 2014 we went on an 8 day cruise. A friend of ours said they would kill their husband if it were only the two of them on a boat for 8 days. I can honestly say that the times Daniel takes off work and when we spend more time together, I am reminded more and more of why I love him and why I married him. But my gal-besties right now are these two. Caroline is an adoptive mama of two with a little biological caboose who I’m sure has secrets about the baby that will come to our family. And Kristy has been a really good example of self care and has been my “hookie” companion. Just within the last week when I have felt frustrated with the world around me, spending time with these gals has lifted my spirits and re-centered my attitude. I also think best friends can change depending on your phase of life. I am so grateful for those in the past who have been that best friend for me when I needed them. Best friends are a blessing!