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Tuesday, February 20, 2018


Today’s are diamond/favorite sports or team. Diamond: this beauty here. My mom has a cathedral set ring with an emerald cut diamond. I grew up loving how unique her ring and setting were so when I got to design my wedding ring, I went for the same feel. Daniel wouldn’t let me get the exact same, so I got channel set diamonds in my band. Some day I’ll get another band for an anniversary. I love this ring and smile every time I see it and love the reminder of a wedding ring. Sports? What’s that? I hate sports. I don’t like to watch them or follow them in any capacity save one: my Utes. If I watch anything sports related it’s an occasional Utah Utes football game. I was even in the MUSS my senior year of college. Daniel likes to watch soccer or an occasional hockey game if I’m still asleep, out of town, or in my craft room, but for the most part this is a sports-less household. That may change as Panda grows and has interests in sports teams. But for now I’ll just settle for binge reading as a sport.