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Tuesday, February 20, 2018

My best bike ride ever

Part two of yesterday: high. This is not a picture of me high. There was a 1 year period, from August 2011-August 2012 where I had over 65 different flights. Between traveling around Asia, trans-Pacific, and around the US that I boarded a plane, I think, 68 times. My body got so used to flying that I now cannot stay awake on flights. I love travel and I love air travel. Panda and I are flying to Virginia in April for my birthday to spend a week with my Grandma Arave. Panda has been lots of places too. First, we flew him home from Austin, Texas, where he was born. Then that fall we flew to Virginia and then to California for a trip to Disneyland. The next spring we flew to Maine to spend a couple weeks with my sister. That trip home was a nightmare with a cancelled flight and an airline who couldn’t get us home sooner than 3 days later, but he was a trooper. I am nervous to fly this time, as he has become so independent, but a leash and a kindle fire ought to help.