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Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Ferarri shoes

Raw/favorite pair of shoes. This actually should have been Wednesday’s. Sometimes I can’t find a response in my head for the prompts. The word “raw” kept bringing to mind raw meat. Which is not great. And I don’t love raw emotions. I know deep and tender emotions can leave you feeling raw, but I prefer the word “exposed” when it comes to emotions. Then I remembered: sashimi. I didn’t use to like sushi or sashimi. The thought of uncooked fish grossed me out. Then I grew up and moved to Asia. And I’m glad I did. This delicacy here was a salmon sashimi roll. I actually prefer the traditional sashimi slice served on top of a small bundle of rice. I like salmon, tuna, and yellowtail. In this case “raw” is good. Shoes? These babies right here. They make me feel amazing. They make me feel strong, capable, powerful, attractive, and in control. Amazing that a beautiful pair of shoes can imbue so much, but they do and I love them for it. I can even chase toddlers down the church aisle in these bad boys.