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Tuesday, February 20, 2018

All that glitters....

Gold/I believe. I don’t actually like gold. Not as a color anyway. But I have learned that sometimes the shiny things are simply plated. The good stuff needs to be polished before it shines. We all have our faults. I have found some amazing people and their awesomeness doesn’t always shine at first glance. The best people are the diamonds you find in the rough. I believe: in miracles. My son is a miracle to me. The fact that his sweet little spirit made it to us is miraculous. The circumstances surrounding his journey to us are sacred. I saw this sign on Etsy the other day by @sarikodesigns and I want it! Talented woman! This other one hangs in the home of Caroline and each of her beautiful three children are a miracle themselves. I believe there is another miracle in our future. Can you help us? Will you be the angel sent from above to connect or bring us that miracle?