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Friday, June 28, 2013

Today's list

Holy Hannah it's hot. My car said 105 degrees on my way home tonight. I hope my garden doesn't die!

1. Air conditioning! Whether it's central air at the office, the AC in my car or a functioning swamp cooler at home, I'm so glad there is a way to cool air for our comfort!

2. International communication. Daniel is in China for a little while and because of modern technology, he can call me from his cell phone in Xiamen, China to my cell phone in Utah. It's great. It makes his being gone much easier to deal with.

3. My sewing machine. I love to sew quilt tops. I have a harder time saving the money to get them quilted and bound, but I sure do love seeing a finished product. While Daniel is gone I have pulled out my sewing machine not to put it away til just before he comes home. I have all sort of projects ready for the doing!

4. Good TV shows. There is so much on TV that can't be trusted to be uplifting or kind. So it makes me all the more grateful when I find a show I can enjoy without worrying about language, or immodesty, or violent or gruesome topics.

5. Shorts. How much more comfortable is life when we can wear shorts!

What's making you smile this week?

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