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Thursday, September 16, 2010

Open Adoption

As we have talked to our many friends and family about adoption we find we have to explain open adoption, how much openness we would be willing to work with and how it works.

We know open adoption is very important. The babies placed in our home will have a knowledge of who his/her birthmother (and birhtfather where positive) is and how important she is to our eternal family. Our children will know who their birthmom is and why she chose to place. Our birthmoms will be known at our house. They will be invited to birthdays and important events through the child's life. They will recieve regular e-mails, pictures, letters and things from the child. I love how Mrs. R. sends care packages to her boys birthmoms. She is so grateful for those women and their gift to her.

An adopted child with an open relationship with their birthfamily will have more people loving and praying for him/her. Their birthfamily will simply be another family full of love for them.

Each situation is different. We know that the birthmothers who choose to place their babies in our home will be giving us the greatest gift we can be given next to the gospel. They will ge giving us a family - something we cannot do on our own. Through that gift there will be a special bond between the mother who creates the baby and the motehr who raises the baby. What better relationship can there be between women.

This is for my blog readers to know and for potention birth mothers to read.

Dear birthmom - you are special. You always will be. The love you show in placing a baby is beyond my comprehension. I pray for you and your baby while you make the difficult decisions ahead of you.