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Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Attitude of Gratitude...

As we patiently await the opportunity for our baby I am going to endeavor to share the things I am grateful for.

This week:

My health. Even though it is not perfect, I am a functional person who can participate in many things that give me joy.

Sunshine. I love the warmth that comes from the sun. It's a warmth like nothing else.

My husband. He has been very patient and kind. We had the opportunity to spend time with nieces and nephews and he was so good with them. I know he will make a good father.

A house of my own. My cousin's wife pointed out to me the other day that at least we own a house, although not big or grand, we own a house. We are very blessed.

Friends. I had the opportunity to spend time with friends this last week. I love my friends and all the good they do for me.

Till next week - when I can share more of my gratitude.