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Thursday, September 9, 2010

Attitude of Gratitude...

This week there are many things I am grateful for.

The internet. Look at all I can accomplish, learn, and share with the internet?

A couple little girls that I get to baby sit that help me remember regularly why I want my own family. Even if they are on either end of the "terrible twos." I'm glad their mother trusts me to babysit them when she needs help.

Rain. I love rain. The smell of clean and the freshness of the plants. Then the sun shines and everything gleams. I love it.

Talents. I have been blessed with being taught to play the piano and I'm grateful for the practicing I was pushed to do. I now very much enjoy the blessings of having that ability in my life.

Facebook. I know. Weird. But I get regular encouragement from friends through this median.

What are you grateful for?