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Wednesday, November 29, 2017


A couple weekends ago I spent Friday evening and most of Saturday with two long time friends at the Time Out for Women in Sandy. It was great.
 This was taken while everyone had their phones lit up and waving to Nathan Pacheco singing. I love his music.
 Grabbed a picture with my two friends. There were so many inspiration messages shared. I felt fed in a way that I desperately needed.

We got Panda a big boy bed! And he "helped" put it together. He actually was kind of helpful. I find that letting him help is a way to teach, rather than telling him no and having him in my way all the time. He is my partner in all I do every day. He loves to be helpful.
He posed for this. It is so hard for him to stay in bed. We have the baby gate up so he can't get out of his room. I hope he gets better quickly.
When I went to Ikea to buy his bed, I found this swing. Daniel put tings in the beams on the ceiling of the toy room, hooked up the swing, and we now have the funnest play room ever. Panda loves it. He does it on his own too. But this picture is to show you that I do more than hide behind the phone camera.

During Stake Conference he needed to run off some energy so Daniel took him outside and he found these leaves for me.
Such a thoughtful boy. 😂
He's been quite silly lately. His energy is giving us a run for our money. I didn't take a picture of Thanksgiving, but it was fun. We spent it with Daniel's parents and Panda loved playing with the cousins.

Then on Saturday the 25th, we had the annual Hellewell Christmas party. Grandma Hellewell (GH) will be 99 in January. This year there were over 200 people in attendance. All related to her. She has 10 children, 51 grandchildren, and I think she's up to 118 great-grandchildren. Panda was number 105.They had the most wonderful Santa and Mrs. Claus. Panda was not shy at all. He is a people person.

Look at his grin. I just love this kiddo.

Are you ready for December? I am. I have an advent calendar and it will be filled with an activity a day to do with Panda. I will post more about that while we're doing it.

Then my sister comes to town with her little on Dec 13! I am so excited to see her and her baby!