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Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Am I caught up yet?

In October, Caroline and I took the kids (I say kids because she has 3) down to This is the Place State Park for the "Little Haunts" they do at Halloween. The boys had a blast. Another friend joined us and the kids were loving all the candy from the trick or treating. We rode the train a few times (Panda's favorite) and Panda did well despite his cast. (It was on from Sept. 30-Oct, 23, just in case you are getting confused about the time line! )

Cutest little Harry Potter!

He is pretty good at selfies. This was when his cast was getting taken off. He was very intrigued by the saw that cut the cast.

At the end of October Daniel and I had the chance to help with a service project for his work. It was great. It was kind of a date night. I love doing things to serve. I never feel to happy as when I get to help others.

My dad used to put his ties around his head occasionally and be silly. I couldn't resist this. My dad may have passed away, but he is still with us and I want Panda to know things about his Grandpa Joe and why my dad is so special to me.

My dad is third from the left.

Daniel and his Maggie puppy he got for father's day. She great, but silly. She's a clumsy, ditzy dog. But she is sweet and she will calm down with age. This is when she thought she was in trouble. Which she generally is.