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Wednesday, May 10, 2017

The Zoo!

Yesterday we went to the zoo with friends. It was fun, except for that time that Panda decided to run away and we lost him for a minute. Some other very nice mom brought him back, I put the leash on him and the rest of the day went fine.

Here are some pictures from our adventure!
 The Amur Leopard was pacing next to the glass and the boy loved it!

 Riding the Carousel!
 An attempt to get a selfie with the boys while riding the train - their favorite part!

All three boys at the end of the adventure. It was the perfect day. Sunny, but not hot, not too crowded, and the boys loved running around and seeing the animals!

Here are some other things we've been doing the last week or so.

 I started our kitchen re-do! I painted the walls a light blue, instead of yellow. NExt up, I will paint the cabinets white. It's going to be an epic project. But I'm so excited to have a light kitchen!

I think Panda's favorite food is ketchup. It's the only way he will eat half of his food. But that's okay,  because we are sauce lovers!

A few funny video clips!

He loves our dogs. This is him playing and hugging Winston, our little Cairn terrier. 
He loves to run. This is his new funny little thing he does. 
He winds up. And loves to be "fast." I love it.