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Wednesday, May 3, 2017

A few of our recent adventures

April gets so busy! I was going to try and post more regularly, but time got away from me. So here is an update:

This poor kid started an ear infection right after my last post.
He was pretty miserable, but  we got him on meds and he's good as new!

 Panda's Easter basket. I try to do candy free, because the kid loves SUGAR! Toys are much better!
He sure loved the two Easter egg hunts we did. He quickly figured out there was candy and toys in those eggs. He sold his candy to Grandma for money to put in his piggy bank. He got 4 hotwheels!

 Discovering a treat in the egg. 

The silly bunny glasses Great-Grandma Arave sent him for Easter. 

 I made cookies the other day and he loves to lick the beater.
I love this face! Why not eat cookie dough!?! 
He is Mr. Personality. I sure do love him. 

We have been enjoying home time the last couple weeks, but we have more adventures planned. 
Story time at the library, a trip to the zoo, and evening walks are on the schedule. 
Life is good. 

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