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Monday, October 27, 2014

Sometimes you just need to spruce things up a bit

So we did. We went to Ikea on Friday night with friends and got ourselves some new cabinets. We've been contemplating this for a little while and finally did it. I'm so excited about the change.

I painted the room yellow - as it used to be a red sandstone color. Yellow matches my kitchen. It's such a happy yellow. Then we started putting cabinets in. Took us most of Saturday, along with a few other things. We just have to the knobs on, put the toe-kick up, and then decide how we want to put our stuff away. It's exciting!

We put the doors on, I just didn't take a picture after that. It makes the room so much more useful as a storage/pantry/laundry room.

Do you have dreams of a super organized house? I do! I'll get there someday.

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