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Friday, November 1, 2013

A few things we like to do... and have done.

Daniel and I decided to use our habit of Friday posting to share things we have been up to recently and answer questions about us. What do you think? I hope this is helpful in helping you get to know us.

A few things from earlier this fall. I'm afraid this is going to be a bit of a picture dump. I hope you enjoy it.

In early September, We headed up to Bear Lake to enjoy some 4 wheeling. I decided that is so much fun. I'd never been before. We had a good time with the fresh air and mountain views. A little mountain time is always good for the soul. 

In late September we went to the Ogden Greek festival. The local Greek community sells some fantastic homemade food. My favorite is the Tiropitakia. It's filo dough layered with feta cheese. I love it. Daniel's favorite Greek food is the dolmathes - the  grape leaves wrapped around lamb and rice.

In October we had our regular monthly meal with Daniel's family to celebrate the birthdays for the month of October. While there Daniel helped his dad, brother and brothers-in-law move a shed into his parents back yard.

Later in October we went up to my mom's house and picked apples with my sister. My dad built a cider press a number of years ago and then planted apples trees to make fresh apple juice. It was a blessing to be able to participate in something that my dad had established before he died. The fresh pressed cider was so delicious. We didn't get a lot, but oh, it tasted delicious. I look forward to sharing this with my family in the coming years. What a fun tradition!
 Daniel helped cut all the apples in half in preparation for pressing.
 My sister and her husband did the pressing.
The sweet nectar and finished product.

For Halloween we did a few fun things. I saw mummy dogs on Pinterest - so we made those. Then we carved pumpkins with friends.

 These are Daniel's. He did a better job at wrapping them.
 Daniel with Grace, our friend's little girl. She guided him with decisions like square eyes, etc.
We are Doctor Who fans so Ashley carved the TARDIS, the Doctor's time machine.

Fall is such a fun time of year. We are looking forward to the coming holiday season and all the fun things that come along with it!