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Tuesday, October 8, 2013

10 Things...

So I was supposed to update this on Friday, its now Monday with Five things that I'm grateful for. And while thinking about it I decided that maybe we could use a change up. Instead of Five things I'm grateful for below is two lists. The first is Five things that I'm excited about when we, Ashley and I, have kids. The second is Five things that scare me a little. Cause lets be honest big life changes are both exciting and scary.

1. Watching the baby sleep. I think baby's are pretty cute when they are sleeping.
2. Being able to participate on Father and Sons outings or Daddy Daughter dates.
3. Getting a puppy. One of the things that always makes me happy is my dogs and the concept of sharing that with a kid is exciting.
4. Family road trips in the summer. I don't have a lot a memories from being a child, less than twelve, for some reason. But, a lot of the memories I have are about road trips. Whether it was going to Zion's and Bryce Canyon's or the Redwood Forest the road trips are what I remember.
5. The first day when bring a new baby home.

1. The first time I'm woken up by a crying sick child and not quite knowing what to do.
2. Wanting to make sure my children are better of than I am, both as people and in life options.
3. Having a crying/upset/hurt child and not being able to make it better; regardless of age.
4. The first date. Yes this is a little ways off, hopefully at least 16 years, but I remember being a teenage boy and I'm not sure I would trust my daughter with one or my son with someone else's daughter
5. The first day when bring a new baby home.