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Friday, July 28, 2017

More July Adventures!

The last Sunday my sister was in town we had all the family that lives nearby over to my grandparents to meet her son Peter and have ice cream.These were the littles there.

Top center clockwise: Panda, Liam & Kinley (siblings), James, and Peter. The three babies are 12 weeks apart - Peter, then 6 weeks later Liam, then 6 weeks later James. We joke that Liam should have been named John.

The Zoo!

My friend Megan, and Plexus mentor, has a pass to the zoo. We've been friends for over 2 years but have never actually met in person. So we met up with our little ones and had so much fun at the zoo. 
 I think that drinking fountain has been there fore 50 years. 
We were at the right spot before the Elephant show and we got to see and play with some African instruments. Panda loved it. 

Then we got a special treat. We got to feed the Giraffes. It was pretty fun. 
Panda loved it.  That is definitely something we will do again. 

Then, of course, the train. His favorite. 
We'll have to ride the Heber Creeper sometime soon. I'm sure he'll love it. 

 We decided to go out to dinner and he loved the fried pickles. But he loves pickles anyway, so that was a given. Then dip them in ranch? He was in heaven.
Last Friday I decided we needed a treat. I asked him what kind of cookie he wanted and he said "A Big one." So he got a big one. 

We are now working on potty training! Eek! Wish us luck!