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Thursday, August 28, 2014

Such a fantastic week last week!

This week has been so good. I spent time with friends from China. I got to go with them to see the Ogden Temple open house. It was very neat for me to be able to share the gospel with them, since it was illegal in their country. I hope seeds were planted that will lead them to the gospel some day.

Me with Molly.

They were all awed by how beautiful it was. I talked to them about how it has to be perfect, because it the house of the Lord, a perfect person. And he teaches us how to be perfect and walk in his ways. The Ogden Temple will forever hold a special place in my heart because of that.

I took them to Sonora Grill for lunch and they loved it. I got a few tacos and fajitas and it was so yummy. Love their food. I'm sorry they're kind of pricey.
Eva, Ciindy, Frank, Me, Molly.

Then Wednesday we had our final dinner with them and said goodbye as we sent them to Southern California where they did Disneyland and Universal Studios. They gave us this beautiful gift as a thank you for spending time with them. I'm so excited to display it. Now I  have to decide what get's put away to make room for it. (I need a bigger house!)

The rest of the week was quiet for us. I love the quiet after the chaos. I got a lot of quilting done on my epic project. I'm so excited. I'm on the final step and it's coming together perfectly!

This week has been quiet. but we are headed to the Shakespearean Festival in Cedar City on Friday afternoon. I'm excited. Daniel is apathetic. He's very good to humor me like this. We are looking into audio books for the drive, because we don't really like much of the same kinds of music.

Snapshot: Winston and Daniel had a little talk. Daniel was telling him to stop peeing on stuff. I'm not sure if he took it to heart or not.