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Monday, July 21, 2014

A busy weekend

This last weekend was kind of busy for us. I had a great girls night out Friday with two of my best friends and we talked for hours! It was so good for me! No pictures, but trust me, it was good for the soul and a great time was had!

Saturday I spent most of the day cutting fabric for a new quilt I'm working on. It has 30 fabrics in a rainbow of colors.

First I had to cut it into strips
Then I cut it into squares that are 5" and 10".
Next I will sew the 5" squares into patches of 4. I have to mark each color and square for where it goes. It's a complicated pattern. I'm keeping the end result a surprise because I love doing things like that. Since I don't work on Thursday, I hope to spend all day working on this project. I had to order a couple new supplies that will come in the mail tomorrow to help with it. This is going to be EPIC! I'm so excited.

Then Sunday evening, after my regular Sunday nap (which I try to get every week!) we went to my grandparent's house and talked with cousins before they head off on new adventures.

April and Jared, on the left, are headed to dental school for him at VCU in Richmond, Virginia. I''m so excited for them. This has been a long time dream and a long time coming. Good luck to them and their family! Then Celeste and Sean, right, are headed down to the Phoenix area for him to go to medical school. They pull out Tuesday for a 4 year adventure. I will miss them dearly. Celeste has been such a good addition to our family and I have loved getting to know her the last few years. Good luck to all of them!

What a fun weekend! Are summer evenings fun for you? What's your favorite weekend activity?

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