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Friday, December 13, 2013

Busy Christmas!

Beef noodle soup!! Daniel found a recipe that is super close to one of our favorite recipes from China. We made lots of broth so it will be easy to make next time. 

Gingerbread part 1. 
We did the prebaking for this weekend. We are going to decorate them this weekend.
And last but not least, we went to a concert last night with friends and had a blast such fantastic music. The Lower Lights have such a wonderful  contagious spirit, it makes you want to sing and dance along. In fact, for part of it we did! It was at the Masonic Temple in Salt Pake City. Such a neat venue. Thanks Matt & Caroline for going with us! 

The ceiling was cool. 
We had a swinging good time! 

(Wow, my hair is getting long!)

We can't wait to add new traditions and experiences when we have kids. Christmas is such a wonderful time of year for friends and to remember our Savior. 

What are your favorite parts of Christmas? Want to know more? Email us at danielashleyadopt@gmail.com