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Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Attitude of Gratitude

I'm not sure how I missed last week, but I apologize. Just know that I am extra grateful this week.

My dogs growing up. Our first dog passed away in 2004. It was a sad day. My second dog however has just this week reached the point that life is not good for her anymore. She will be laid to rest Friday in her favorite hunting grounds as a hunting dog. I will miss her and I am grateful for all that she was for me during my teenage and college years. Rest in Peace Sophie dog.
Sophie with my dogs Winston (Sophie) then Lacy.

My husband. He is very good and has supported me through so much.

My own house. A place where we are in charge and can change and fix things without consulting a land lord.

Teaching. I am grateful that I get to teach once a month in Relief Society. I love the lessons, the women, and the things I learn each time I teach.

Sleep. It has been a little scarce recently so I am very grateful when I get it.

What are you grateful for?