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Our Family - An Album

 Dating, September 2006
This was when we did a scavenger date night with friends. 

 Kirtland, Ohio. December 2006
We went to Columbus for Daniel's mission companion's wedding.
We took a day and drove up to Kirtland. It was 9 degrees. 

Engagements, February 2007 
We did these at a local train station. 

Wedding Day, April 2007

 New Lacy dog, May 2007
Lacy was sort of a Mother's Day gift. The next week Daniel left on a sales conference for 4 days and I struggled with alternately being happy about it and angry about it. This was 6 weeks after we got married.

 Snow Basin Hike, September 2007
We hiked up a local ski resort. It was a rough hike.
We'd spent most of the summer being lazy at home.

Walt Disney World, February 2008
Daniel had a conference for work over Valentine's Day and I didn't want to be left behind!
I love all things Disney. This was  great trip. 

 Camping selfie, July 2008
Daniel's family has a camp-out every summer and this was on our way home. 

 Symphony and fireworks, July 2008
These are friends we met in our student ward and did things with for many years.
The Utah Symphony was at a local ski resort with fireworks to follow. It was a fun evening.

 Washington D. C., September 2008
I have traveled back to DC regularly, as I have family in Virginia.
It was important to me that Daniel see what I loved about it. It was a great trip.

Family photos, October 2008
We had a friend take these for us for our first adoption profile. 
 Disneyland, May 2009
Another trip to Disney! We took this trip with two couples from our singles ward.
It was fun to go as adults and not have any children. I highly recommend it!

Ashley's brother getting home from Korea, July 2009 
Both my brothers served missions. It was so good to see Cameron after two years away.

Hiking with the dogs, September 2009
The dogs love to be outside. This was a more pleasant hike than the
Snow Basin one above!

 Summer Camp-out, July 2010
This was with the large family camp-out again. I had not done much on a
4 wheeler before and this was a fun trip up to a beautiful field of wild flowers.

 Hong Kong Disneyland, April 2011
Did I say I loved Disney already?
Daniel has been such a sport to be dragged along to the 4 Disney parks we've gone to.

 Hong Kong, Tian Tin Buddha, April 2011
This was on a trip to Hong Kong to get our visas so we could stay in China for the year.
Over 130 stairs climbed!

 Mango Ice, Xiamen, China, June 2011
This became a favorite treat. Shaved ice, fresh fruit with fruit syrup and
sweetened condensed milk dripped on top. Yummy.

 Angkor Wat, Cambodia, October 2011
I'm sorry this turned out blurry. Maybe we'll just have to go back.

 Great Wall of China, March 2012
This was after riding the alpine slide down from the wall. 

 Xiamen with Daniel's mom and sisters, March 2012
It was so nice to share our experience with Daniel's family so they
could see what we did and where we lived for 18 months.

 Xian City Wall with Ashley's Family, June 2012
I loved having my family come. I'm sorry my mom's other sister and her girls
couldn't make it on that trip. It was so much fun. We traveled all over China.

 Tea Farms, China, September 2012
The country side was so amazing. So green. 

Photo Bombing, March 2013
I was hungry. It was cold. Need I say more?

 Selfie at Ashley's sister's wedding, May 2013
We think selfies is silly. Having said that, Daniel has made a game
of taking a cheesy family selfie at least once per trip or event.

 4 Wheeling, September 2013
We love to do 4 wheeling in the Cache National Forrest, about a
1 hr drive north of us. I love the mountains. 

 Family pictures, September 2013
Since we didn't have children, we thought the dogs were a good substitute at the time.
They are like kids to us and important members of our family.

 Sting Rays, Grand Cayman,  May 2014
Daniel got a travel voucher from work after a particularly large project.
We put it towards an 8 day Disney (of course Disney!) cruise to the Caribbean.

 Tulum Ruins, Mexico, May 2014
It was fun to see these Ancient Central American ruins being the Mormons that we are.
As Mormons, we believe that these ruins are the people from the Book of Mormon and
descendants of the peoples that came across Middle East after the tower of
Babel and Jerusalem in 600 BC

 Old Ephraim's Grave,  August 2014
Isn't Daniel such a big scary bear? This is also in the Cache National Forrest.
Old Ephraim was a bear that roamed the area around Bear Lake Utah
in the 1910s and 1920s. He was shot around 1930 and buried here. He was believed to
be one of the biggest Grizzle Bears to ever roam the Rocky Mtns. There are scars on the trees
from his paws that are 14-15 feet off the ground. His skull is at the Smithsonian Museum in DC.

 With friends from China, August 2014
After we moved home from China we were able to be hosts when the English class winners came to visit the company head quarters in the US. The gal in the mustard sweater, Molly, next to me, was one of our best friends we made while living over there.

 Meeting our son, Panda, January 2015
This was an amazing day. He was born Thursday evening, we found out about him 11:30 am Friday.
We were chosen to be his parents at 12:15 via text. We picked up the necessities, booked our flights, and by 8:00 were on a plane to Austin, Texas. We met him and his birth-mother the nest morning and have never been happier. 

 Chilling with Dad in NICU, February 2015
We had 21 days to adjust to the idea before bringing our boy home from the hospital.
It was helpful. Given the suddenness, we needed it. They taught us all we needed to know
about infant care and the nurses became good friends. 

 4 generations, March 2015 (Ashley, her mom, her grandparents)

 Panda Smiles, March 2015
He has always had a smile to melt a heart!

 Happy boy! April 2015
I spent a lot of time those first 6 months just watching him smile at me.

Summer Selfie, July 2015
This was taken when we went to Salt Lake for my cousin's wedding. It was a super hot day.
(This is one of Daniel's token silly selfies.)

 Court Finalization, August 2015
Yay! We passed the interview to be Panda's parents. Our judge is an adoptive father as well.
It was a great day.

 Bear Lake, September 2015
See? That melting smile again. 
We were picnicking on the great lawn.

 Panda Fam, October 2015
How could we not go as a family of pandas?

 Disneyland with Grandma, November 2015
Another trip to Disneyland! My mom came with us and it was so fun to have her there for
Panda's first Disney trip. Even if the door was more interesting than Eeyore. We are going again in
November, 2018 and she is coming with us again.
Disney with a baby was so much more fun that I had anticipated.
I hope we have a baby with us this year! (wink, wink!)

 We love Jake! November 2015
He was sick for the three days before we left and we watched a bunch of
Jake and the Neverland Pirates. Even at 10 months, He recognized Jake. It was so cute.
Then after we got home and watched more, he was so excited and kept gesturing to Jake and looking at me as if to say, "I've met him!!"

 Dapper boy, November 2015
This was our first large family picture after he came into our lives.
I was so happy to have a little of our own to be in our family picture.

Christmas day, December 2015 
After meeting Sully in Disneyland the month before, my mom wanted to get him a stuffed Sully. 
It lives at her house. 
 Midway Ice Castles, January 2016
We kept hearing about these Ice Castles. They were pretty awesome.
Our fellow "lived in China and adopted a boy just before us" friends came with us.
After the castles we went to dinner at a terrible Mexican restaurant in Midway,
then to their family cabin for a snowy sleepover. The boys had fun. Ryan could walk and Panda was an expert crawler.

 With cousins, February 2016
Eli holding Panda and Gretel. Gretel is 5 days older than Panda. All the cousins love him to pieces.

 Chilling,  February 2016
"Hey mom, watcha doing?"
He did this kind of thing quite a bit as a baby.

 With Great Grandpa, March 2016
My grandparents love him. They know what it took to get him into our lives
and seem to have a special place in their hearts for him. 

 Bath time! March 2016
Not sure about having the dog join him. He was taken out just after this and the dog
was then fully cleaned. 

 First S'more, April  2016
This was his first. Who doesn't love warm sugar sandwiched between chocolate and crackers!

 Banana Smiles, April 2016
I was happy when he finally could hold and eat a banana by himself!

 Birthday pleasantries, April 2016
This was the day our neighbors and good friends finally made it to the temple as a family to be sealed. It was such a joyful thing to witness. 

 Sharing with Dad, June 2016
More roasted sugar! Our backdoor neighbors had us over a few times when we
had nice weather. It was nice to visit with them. In the front yard.

 Portland, Maine, June 2016
Panda went on my trip to visit my sister living in Maine for 2 weeks. He was such a trooper.
He's pretty good at this selfie thing. 

 Bedtime story with grandpa and dad, August 2016
During the summer of 2016 we were between houses and lived the summer with Daniel's parents.
It was a sweet time for Panda to have so much one-on-one attention from his grandparents.
This boy has a lot of grandparents!
 Hiking at Bear Lake, September 2016
He loved this hike. I think he ran after the bigger kids the whole time. 
Tractor train ride with friend, October 2016 
Best friend Ryan. These two's personalities balance each other out nicely and they have been 
best friends since birth!

 UP! October 2016
I love family costumes and this one was easy.
It's going to get harder as Panda gets older. 

 Ward Christmas Dinner, December 2016
One of the men in our ward discovered that Panda loves ice cream. He was opening his mouth when others were scooping out their bites. So Bro. Perry started feeding Panda with a plastic knife.
I think he ended up eating nearly 3 bowls of ice cream.

 Christmas Morning, December 2016
This was a fun Christmas. With him being almost 2 he had a better concept of presents and what it meant to open a wrapped present. 

 Ashley's silly family at Christmas, 2016
I love my family. We get a long well. And now there is one more grandchild. 

 Panda's second birthday, January 2017
At the time his favorite food was noodles. Spaghetti, ramen, anything noodle. So we had noodles for his birthday dinner.

Cooking Dinner with dad, February 2017
He loves to help cook. And to be involved.


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