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Our Family - An Album

 Dating, September 2006

 Kirtland, Ohio. December 2006

Engagements, February 2007 

Wedding Day, April 2007

 New Lacy dog, May 2007

 Snowbasin Hike, September 2007

Walt Disney World, February 2008

 Camping selfie, July 2008

 Symphony and fireworks, July 2008

 Washington D. C, September 2008

Family photos, October 2008
 Disneyland, May 2009

Ashley's brother getting home from Korea, July 2009

Hiking with the dogs, September 2009

 Summer Campout, July 2010

 Hong Kong Disneyland, April 2011

 Hong Kong, Tian Tin Buddha, April 2011

 Mango Ice, Xiamen, China, June 2011

 Angkor Wat, Cambodia, October 2011

 Great Wall of China, March 2012

 Xiamen with Daniel's mom and sisters, March 2012

 Xian City Wall with Ashley's Family, June 2012

 Tea Farms, China, September 2012

Photo Bombing, March 2013

 Selfie at Ashley's sister's wedding, May 2013

 4 Wheeling, September 2013

 Family pictures, September 2013

 Sting Rays, Grand Cayman,  May 2014

 Tulum Ruins, Mexico, May 2014

 Old Ephraim's Grave,  August 2014

 With friends from China, August 2014

 Meeting our son, Panda, January 2015

 Chilling with Dad in NICU, February 2015

 4 generations, March 2015 (Ashley, her mom, her grandparents)

 Panda Smiles, March 2015

 Happy boy! April 2015

Summer Selfie, July 2015

 Court Finalization, August 2015

 Bear Lake, September 2015

 Panda Fam, October 2015

 Disneyland with Grandma, November 2015

 We love Jake! November 2015

 Dapper boy, November 2015

Christmas day, December 2015 
 Midway Ice Castles, January 2016

 With cousins, February 2016

 Chilling,  February 2016

 With Great Grandpa, March 2016

 Bath time! March 2016

 First S'more, April  2016

 Banana Smiles, April 2016

 Birthday pleasantries, April 2016

 Sharing with Dad, June 2016

 Portland, Maine, June 2016

 Bedtime story with grandpa and dad, August 2016

 Hiking at Bear Lake, September 2016
Tractor train ride with friend, October 2016

 UP! October 2016

 Ward Christmas Dinner, December 2016

 Christmas Morning, December 2016

 Ashley's silly family at Christmas, 2016

 Panda's second birthday, January 2017

Cooking Dinner with dad, February 2017

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