Welcome to our blog. Thank you for taking the time to come learn more about us. I hope you can get a feeling for who we are.

Our Daily Lives

I know, we always show the highlights and best bits, but our daily life is fun too. Most of the time. 

I am a stay at home mom so Panda and I get a lot of one on one time.
We go to lunch at my grandparents a couple times a month. Panda loves Great-Grandpa. 

 Sometimes we are worn out, sometimes we play outside.

 He loves to chill with Lacy, our 11 yr old dog. He also loves to lick the beater.

 He loves to help cook. He loves our home lunches of french-fries and ketchup.

We like to hang out with friends at the zoo. And make scrambled eggs. 

 He loves hats and snuggles with dad when he gets home.

With Daniel's parents so close, we often do things with them. 

His best little buddy, Ryan, is also adopted. We do play dates with them regularly.

 We have a membership to a local aquarium and he loves to go and feed the sharks and rays.
He's a HUGE fan of TV and is a pro at "chillaxing."

 Whenever I make treats, they tend to be what Panda wants most.His favorite is eating frosting off the cake or cupcakes.
He loves to paint like mommy. In fact the other day, we did water colors together.

 He's such a cheese. Do you ever have days when you just can't bring yourself to make dinner? We sometimes go out to eat. His favorite - fries. 

 We try to attend local events. This was a United for Adoption sing-a-long.
And a tired boy after the County Fair.

 More feeding the manta rays. TV with the old dog pillow.

 We made a crazy decision and got a third dog. Panda loves his daddy snuggles most.

 At a Halloween activity with friends.
The women in Daniel's family get together just as girls sometimes. This time we sewed some blankets for a local hospital NICU.

 Bath time and puppy snuggles. Daniel has a special love for our dogs and love to snuggle with them.
 I introduced him to a Japanese film called "Panda, Go, Panda." and he giggled the whole time. Costco hot dogs on a Saturday are a fun treat.

 Having cousin Gretel over for lunch. Visiting his 99 yr old Great-Grandma Hellewell.

 He always wants to do what Mom and Dad are doing. Playing with Ryan.

 Being silly at Target. We love our Target trips. Paint is .... yummy?

 Helping as we primed and painted our brown walls. He loves the corn popper we got for Christmas.

 Tuckered out. Swim lessons.

 We stay pretty busy most of the time in some fashion or another. He loves to go to the kid-care at the gym when I have class. He loves to be involved with us. It's so fun to watch and sometimes hard for us to figure out how to include him. But I know he learns when we do. 

Life is a journey and we are having fun along the way. I think we live a pretty normal life and I love it. I love my life.

questions? email us at danielashleyadopt@gmail.com